Why Instagram Is Prefered Over Other Social Media Platform For Marketing


These days brands are coming ahead of traditional marketing and are investing more and more into social media marketing.

Social media has proven itself to be the best marketing hub for marketers in the last couple of years. Perhaps this is because of the billions of active users every single minute.

With the digital platform and billions of users actively engaging on these platforms, marketers have found their paradise to market their products and services.

Today, social media has become one of the main marketing pillars capable of generating high returns. Perhaps this is why brands are focusing more on their social media presence than other marketing methods.

Although there are several social media platforms to market your brand, there is none better than Instagram. Instagram popularity rose during the pandemic when every brand shifted to digital platforms.

Why Is Instagram Prefered Over Other Social Media Platforms?

The factor which makes Instagram the number one social media platform is not its user base. If the user base had been the determining factor, Facebook would have topped the list. 

So, if not that, what could be the reason?

Well, the power of social media marketing comes from quality engagement and market penetration. This is where Instagram shines the most. Because of its rich and quality content, it engages more audiences and hence, has more market penetration.

Let’s look at the top reasons why Instagram is better than other Social Media platforms.

1. Get Best Out Of Microblogging

Microblogging is the new trend. For bloggers, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are becoming just as important on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps this is because of the users who look for attached information to whatever products they use on Instagram.

Instagram offers a Microblogging feature that allows the post creators to add detailed info for the others. Just integrate microblogging with excellent visuals; the end product is high engagement.

2. Excellent Visual Representation

Excellent Visual Representation

What is a better medium than a picture if you want to tell a story? Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where users share lengthy texts, statuses, and posts, Instagram is all about sharing attractive images and videos.

Whatever message is conveyed is done via beautiful images and well-organized videos. This highly entertaining content and chances to engage with them make Instagram a better marketing option than other social media platforms.

3. Better Target Market Penetration

There is no denying that both Men and Women are impulsive buyers. So, it is practically easier to influence them to buy products with attractive images and product videos.

However, the prerequisite of penetrating the market is that you offer them great products. If the customers like the product, they will automatically be led to your website.

4. Active User Database

Active User Database

One reason why Instagram outshines all the social media platforms is that it has more active users than other social media platforms.

As per the recent survey, 58% of users on Instagram are more likely to like, share and comment on any post compared to the biggest social media platform Facebook. This shows just how engaging Instagram is.

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So, the more you share valuable and quality content on Instagram, the better the engagement.

5. Encourages Customers Participation

Instagram is not only a platform to boost your online presence and market your product. Unfortunately, one-way roads are always boring, and at one point, customers might start feeling overwhelmed by your marketing on Instagram.

To counter that problem, Instagram offers customer participation to encourage people who are involved in your business. The most popular way to do this is by using hashtags.

And Of Course, It’s Super Fun!

Instagram is all about taking pictures, adding filters, and making it frame-ready to post. The whole process is to feel the users with joy and excitement. Further sharing this beautiful picture makes them feel great.

The additional feature that you get with Instagram is that you can add hashtags to boost its reach. Adding the hashtags helps the users find your post and locate the pictures easily.

As a result, you have more chances of your images getting viral.

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