What You Need to Know About Customer Interaction

Knowing everything there is to know about customer interaction is important when you have a business. Knowing as much as possible will give you a much higher chance of success. Read on for some information you may never have heard before

Must know about customer interaction

It Only Takes One Negative Experience to Lose Them Forever

Did you know that it only takes one negative experience with you to lose your customers forever? Just one. It doesn’t matter how many positives there have been. If you mess up, they may decide never to come back. This is why it’s so important you don’t mess anything up! If they do choose to work with you again, it can take 6 positive interactions to make up for a negative one.

More People Will Hear About Negative Interactions than Positive

Not only might this person never come back to you, but they will also tell people about their negative experiences. This puts other people off coming to you too. In fact, people will tell at least twice the people about a negative experience than a positive one! It seems unfair, but that’s just how it works. The good news is, some people will at least hear about the positive experience. This can help you to grow your business!

It’s Better to Focus on Qualified/Current Customers than ‘Cold’ Customers

Trying to win over cold customers isn’t a good idea. You can annoy them and put them off before they even know what you do. It’s always better to focus on your current customers, and even qualified leads rather than cold. In fact, you can purchase mailing lists and things to help you target new customers that are at least ‘warmed up’. It isn’t hard to find timeshare lists, mortgage mailing lists, and even marketing mailing lists online for a reasonable price.

Amazing Customer Service is Essential

Amazing customer service really is essential, whether you’re dealing with a customer with a problem or not. You need to make each customer feel like they have got a small victory after dealing with you. This is why so many companies give out discount codes to apologize for mistakes.

Making Your Staff Happy is Key

Happy staff will make happy customers; you can bet on that. Happy staff will enjoy coming to work and want to work hard for you. Customers will be able to sense whether they are cared about or not, so make sure you focus on your staff too. Too many bosses don’t prioritize their staff the way they should! Make sure you treat them like adults. Trust them, and reward them for hard work. Make sure they know they can speak to you about any issues bugging them. As a result, they will interact with your customers in a much more positive manner.

Now you know these things about customer interaction, you can go forth and grow your business the right way. You can’t please everybody, but you can try. Be consistent and your business will thrive! Thanks for visiting!

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