What You Can Do To Make Your Customer Happy

Today’s businesses are increasingly relying on the digital space to scale up and grow their enterprises. With this shift, there has been booming growth of the cloud computing market and more specifically, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions. The significant move to cloud computing can be attributed to its contribution to greater consumer satisfaction in the midst of new challenges such as increased competition from other vendors, rising customer expectations and reducing customer loyalties.

To counter these challenges, SaaS solutions and Salesforce commerce cloud, in particular, have been central to successful client onboarding by offering solutions to attract customers and maintain loyalty successfully.

However, the software alone is not enough to ensure the success and greater sales of your business. You also need to ensure some activities are carried out to guarantee you greater success and make your clients happier. Some of these actions include:

Here are the things you can do for your customer

Enhance Communication and Feedback

The process before a client fully subscribes to what you are selling is often long and filled with questions. Regularly, a customer will only be further convinced if his questions are sufficiently answered and promptly. Consequently, a retailer should work to enhance his communication channels with his clientele and ensure feedback is given quickly. To this end, most saas solutions will come with integrated client feedback systems. Commerce Cloud takes it a step further by incorporating Artificial Intelligence on its platform to allow for instant replies using automated feedback tools.

Follow up after a sale

Following up after a sale will help build trust with your client. It also boosts your credibility as a responsible seller. For this reason, you can organize communication through phone, online means, or physical meetings to discuss any issues they might have. Doing so will lead to greater satisfaction and more customer retention as you will be creating strong positive relationships with your clientele.

Build Customer Service Focused KPI’s

Excellent customer service is still the best way to retain your clients. A majority of your clients will surely not stick with you when you offer them substandard service. For this reason, your workforce will need to be just as focused on customer service. With challenging key performance indicators set, the whole business can work in tandem with SaaS solutions for greater customer service.

Integrate Mobile and Social Media

Today, most online transactions are made via mobile devices. For all these businesses, social media platforms remain one of the greatest tools a business can use to market and get instant feedback on its products. Thus, every business should look to incorporate social media and mobile friendly platforms with their business models. With cloud commerce, you will benefit from mobile API’s, designs that are responsive to mobile, enterprise integrations that cater to social media and Apple Pay integrations for the web.

Unify Experiences

Consolidating shopping experiences across all the channels you market your products is bound to streamline your operations while also enhancing the satisfaction of your customers. To this end, Salesforce commerce cloud does an excellent job at this by unifying digital channels business with its store to align shopping experiences and better coordinate the business operations.


Undoubtedly, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions offer tremendous help and are integral to successful marketing, attraction and retention of clients. However, building the complete consumer journey will require human input and the workforce available to your business, and have a role to play towards creating the best customer experience the company can offer. When human resources and software are coordinated well, the business will thrive.

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