What to Wear to a Pakistani Wedding as a Guest?

Pakistani Wedding

Attending a Pakistani wedding is a great experience for every guest, thanks to lots of interesting things involved in it. Whether you are a guest at a Pakistani wedding within Pakistan or in the UK, the culture and the traditions seem quite similar. So, as a guest, you have to follow the trends no matter which part of the world the wedding is going on. One of the important questions that arise in such a situation is what to wear? As a guest, you have to wear what seems appropriate on a Pakistani wedding. Are you unsure what to wear to a Pakistani wedding coming up? Don’t worry, we let you know. Here is a quick guide on the latest trends and dress designs to wear.

The Different Events Involved in a Pakistani Wedding

One thing you should know about a Pakistani wedding is that there are several different events involved in it. It is not just about the nikkah ceremony, there are other events too, starting with a dholki. Then, there is the Mayon, the baraat, the walima, and many more. However, mehndi, baraat and walima are the three important days on which guests are invited. So, you have to dress up according to the event you are attending!

Different Attire for Different Events!

As mentioned above, there is different attire for every event. The groom and bride are dressed up differently on these events, and so are the guests. You have to wear luxury formals on baraat and walima. However, for mehndi, there has to be different attire. So, choose the wedding dress which is compatible with the event.

The Trendy Wedding Dresses for Guests

All Pakistani women know what the best dresses to wear on a Pakistani wedding are. Anyway, there are three most popular options, and here they are:

  • Lehanga

Lehanga is the most desirable and popular thing to wear to a Pakistani wedding as a guest. Though bride is often found wearing it, guests can consider wearing it as well. There are several colors to choose from!

  • Saree

We all know how cool a saree is for every woman on a wedding. It looks traditional as well as gorgeous. So, as a Pakistani woman, one thing you can always get your hands on is a saree.

  • Traditional Pakistani Sharara

One of the most popular and latest things to wear on a Pakistani wedding as a guest is a sharara. It looks unique and provides the elegance you want. So, consider wear it for a unique and attractive appearance.

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