Top 8 Business Card Designing Mistakes to Avoid

Business cards are often given when you meet someone for the first time. Business cards show credibility, professionalism and reliability in a person. The way your business card looks like reflects directly to you and your company. Business card designing is not that difficult but there are few mistakes that many people make. 

These little mistakes could be costly so avoid them whether you do it yourself or have a professional designer do it for you.

1) Errors in spelling: 

Always spell check twice before handing over your Business Card to anyone else. Your Business card can reflect badly on yourself if errors happen because of lack of attention to detail from either yourself or somebody else who’s been helping you out with this project, e.g., a graphic designer, printer guy etc.. It doesn’t have to be a major typo, something as little as an extra space or unnecessary comma can cause you embarrassment.

2) Business card not having your contact information on it: 

Business cards are no longer for dating; they actually serve a purpose – connecting people with companies/organizations. It is important that the person receiving the Business card should know how to get in touch with you at all times because there could be lots of reasons why someone would want to get in touch with you urgently. Always make sure your Business card contains your name, company name, email address and phone number (landline preferred).

3) Putting too much information on business cards: 

Business cards are like conversation starters; they don’t end conversations. That’s why Business cards should have only the bare minimum information on them. Business cards are not for holding all the information about your company, people shouldn’t be scared to give you business card or receive your business card because they feel it is too much work reading through lots of text on it. Business cards are supposed to make things easier.

4) Business Cards that looks cheap: 

Business card designing can get pretty expensive if you pay a professional designer to do this task for you but it doesn’t mean you have to spend money every time you want new Business cards designed. Business cards don’t have to cost a fortune each time; there are options available that allow even newbies to create fabulous looking Business cards without spending big bucks. It’s possible to get great Business cards without spending a lot of money on design, paper and delivery. However, if you’re not careful, you can end up spending more money than necessary and get Business cards that look cheap.

5) Wrong paper choice: 

The type of paper you choose for your Business card will reflect the overall quality of your Business card. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to print Business cards, then standard printing paper is a good option but it won’t reflect well on your company if you’re trying to present a professional image. For Business cards that need to be extra special, you’ll want to consider using a thicker stock or even a different color of paper to make them stand out from rest. But don’t go too crazy with the colors because you don’t want your Business cards to look like party invitations.

6) Poor printing: 

If you’re not careful, the quality of your Business card printing can be affected negatively if you’re not using a good quality printer. Cheap printers will print Business cards with poor resolution which will make them look blurry and unprofessional. If you’re serious about your Business, then it’s important to use a good quality printer that will give you great results every time.

7) Improper font choice: 

The typeface or font that you choose for your Business card says a lot about you and your company. Choosing the wrong font can make your Business card look unprofessional and even juvenile. Fonts should be easy to read especially if Business cards are supposed to contain information that is crucial for someone getting in touch with you. However, Business card should also display personality and give an indication of what kind of business it belongs too.

8) Business card doesn’t have a QR Code: 

Just like other Business promotional materials, Business cards should be upgraded from time to time. One way Business card designers add value to their clients Business cards is by adding QR Codes to them which can be scanned using a smartphone and direct people straight to the website without the need for typing any URL’s into a browser. As phones become more advanced, these days they can interpret even more data from a QR code including text messages and phone numbers.


Business cards are an important part of any business and should be designed with care. By avoiding the following mistakes, you can create Business cards that reflect well on your company and help you to stand out from the competition.

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