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We all use smartphones as one of the most important tools in our professional and personal life routine. But, there are many privacy and security risks involved along with the ease of communication. Today I will tell you the code to check if your phone is hacked by someone.

There are various methods to check if the phone is tapped or hacked. Using the dial code method is the easiest one where you don’t need any software to check the security status of your phone. You can run the code on your mobile and it will tell you about the change in behavior of the device. If you find anything suspicious, you can take proper action to save yourself or anyone who is facing this issue.

What’s in it for you?

  • How Do Hackers Hack a Phone?
  • What is Call Forwarding?
  • *#61 #Code to Check Call Forwarding of Unanswered Calls
  • *#62# Code to Check Call Forwarding if Phone is Switched Off or Unreachable
  • *#67# Code to Check Call Forwarding of Busy Lines or Rejected Calls
  • *#004# Code to Check Conditional Call Forwarding
  • *#21# Code to Check Unconditional Call Diversion
  • *#002# Code to Check All Unconditional Call Diversion
  • *#06# Code to Check IMEI Number
  • How to Protect your Phone from Hackers? 
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Hackers Hack a Phone?

How Do Hackers Hack a Phone?

There was a time when people used to carry cash with them. But, the world is shifting towards a digital economy where we use online payments and online communication. All the data is present in the cloud. This is a good thing but there is always a concern about the security of data.

Today hackers don’t need to be physically present at any location to perform any robbery. They can hack your online activities by sending you a phishing email, a fraud SMS, or a spammy link through any website. If you respond to such messages or emails in any manner, you might be a victim of a cyberattack.

These hackers can steal the information from your phone and use it anywhere such as internet banking or shopping websites. So, it is always a better option to check the security status of our phone. Let’s talk about those USSD codes. You can dial those codes and hit the call button to make a request to check if your phone is hacked or tapped by getting the call forwarding status.

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What is Call Forwarding?

What is Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a feature that allows you to forward your incoming calls to another number from where you can answer those calls. There are two types of call forwarding.

Conditional Call Forwarding- In this setting, the calls are forwarded to another number that you have entered in case you have missed the call, the number is switched off, or the line is busy,

Unconditional Call Forwarding- This is a feature that forwards all the calls, and messages to another number or voicemail (based on your configuration) without any delay.

You can easily turn on and off the call forwarding feature on your phone as per your requirements. But, it will be a matter of risk if you have not enabled this feature and someone else is using it without letting you know.

*#61# Code to Check Call Forwarding of Unanswered Calls

Just imagine if somebody calls you and you are busy at work or unaware of that incoming call and you have missed it due to any of the reasons. Can anybody else receive that call from another phone? You can check this by dialing the USSD code *#61# on your phone. This code tells you if somebody has access to your incoming calls in such cases.

*#62# Code to Check Call Forwarding If Phone is Switched Off or Not Reachable

If unconditional call forwarding is active on your device, each and every incoming call of your number is going to another number where somebody can access them from another line. The event can be anything like your phone being switched off or out of network coverage. If you are in doubt whether somebody is receiving your incoming calls.

*#67# Code to Check Call Forwarding of Busy Lines or Rejected Calls

We carry our phones all day along with us but at different places. Sometimes we are enjoying ourselves with our family or friends, sometimes we are busy in a meeting or important conversation, or sometimes we are already talking with someone over the phone. Hackers can use conditional call forwarding by which they can access our incoming calls in such cases and we will be unaware of it. To find out if this has happened to your phone, you can dial *#67# to check the call forwarding status of your phone if you are busy on another call, or reject a call.

*#004# Code to Check Conditional Call Forwarding

By reading this blog, you have known about conditional and unconditional call forwarding. Also, we have discussed the codes to check the call forwarding status of the phone in various situations such as line busy, call rejection, out of reach, etc. But, you will be more than happy to know that you can check all these details by dialing a single code only. The code is *#004# that shows the status of all conditional call forwarding and you can erase all these settings to make your phone safe again.

*#21# Code to Check Call Diversion

 Check Call Diversion

Call diversion is the process of sending an incoming call to another number before it initiates. It sounds similar to call forwarding. But, the difference between call forwarding and diverting is that here you don’t even know what is happening on your phone because your phone will not even ring. The diverted calls don’t reflect on call records or phone bills. Use *#21# code to check if there is any call diversion active on your number.

*#002# Code to Erase Call Diversion

Since you know that call diversion can be a very big threat if you have not done it by yourself. Anybody can hear all your calls and you will not have even the idea of being a victim of such activities. It can cause a major problem. To get rid of this risk, you can use *#002# USSD cod. This will show you all the diversion settings on your number and automatically undo them.

*#06# Code to Check IMEI Number

This code has no use case of checking the call forwarding or diversion status of any number. But, this is a very important code to check the IMEI number of a phone. If you don’t know about the IMEI number, let me tell you that the full form of this is the “International Mobile Equipment Identity” number. Every mobile device has its unique IMEI number. If you lose your mobile phone, you can file a police complaint to minimize the risk of misuse of your phone. Police can find the location of the device and track the activity of the device with the help of an IMEI number. Although every device has a unique identity, your phone can have 2 IMEI numbers if it is a dual SIM phone.

How to Protect Your Phone from Hackers

How to Protect Your Phone from Hackers

We use our mobile phones for the internet more than phone calls only. It gives convenient to get any work done in a few taps or clicks. But, we should always follow the safety measures during online activities to protect ourselves from hackers. So, always remember these points to keep your phone safe-

  • Keep your phone up to date. Always update the software on time.
  • Don’t download or install any apps from the external sources that are not reliable.
  • Choose a strong password for all your login activities.
  • Keep cleaning the junk files from your phone in a regular interval.
  • Never click on any link that you see in your email or message inbox from unknown sources.
  • Avoid using public wifi and use it with a VPN if urgent.
  • Make sure you connect your phone to public sockets through data cable for charging purpose only.


Online safety is very rare in the world of advanced technology. Hackers are just waiting to get access to your phone to steal data and make money from it in every possible manner. Many commercial spy apps are available in the market to check if your phone is hacked. But, not everybody can afford to purchase that costly software. That’s why we can rely on these USSD codes to check the security status of our mobile phones. I suggest you also run these codes on your phone once. It will give you meaningful insight and relief from stress that you are safe from such hacking activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a feature that allows you to transfer the incoming calls of your number to an alternate number. There are two types of call forwarding-

Conditional call forwarding
Unconditional call forwarding

2. What is the difference between call forwarding and call diverting?

The meaning of both the terms lies in their names. Call forwarding means a feature in which if a user dials your number, the call will ring on your number. If you don’t answer the call, it will be forwarded to another number. But in call diversion, the call directly diverts to the alternate number when someone dials your number and initiates a call.

3. How to stop diverting calls to another number?

You can check any call diverting by dialing USSD code *#21# and if you want to check and erase the call diversion, you can use *#002# USSD code.

4. What is the USSD code?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. It is a system that has quick codes to perform various actions by accessing the hidden features of your phone. Generally, USSD codes start with * and end with # symbol.

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