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Ines de Ramon is the name that came into the discussion with connection with Paul Wesley. Often celebrities come in limelight due to their love life which they try to keep secret and Paul is also one of them. He tied the knot with Ines de Ramon in 2019 and earlier they have sided with the same wedding ring that sparked the discussion of their secret wedding.

Paul Wesley is a well-known actor, director, and producer. He got huge stardom after his successful role in ‘Vampires Diaries  And ‘Tell me a story. It’s not the first relationship of the famous actor Paul Wesley. In 201 1 he got married to the actress of the killer movie Torrey DeVitto but unfortunately due to some issues, the couple got separated and got divorced.

After that Paul also dated his co-star Phoebe Tonkin but that relationship also did not stabilize despite dating for 4 years finally, he got married to Ines de Ramon. But the wedding is also very low key and only close friends and invited by the couple.

Both were noticed when they were spotted with the same wedding ring and then the news came out in the public domain that the couple tied the knot secretly.  As we all know Ines doesn’t want much attention and she is a very low profile person her Instagram account is also first-person yet but now somehow she has done it community.

Paul Wesley is a successful and very famous actor. He has won various awards like the Teen Choice  Awards, Young Hollywood  Award. Despite so much popularity, he didn’t leave the TV shows and continued to act, he also started directing.

Now after knowing all this you may wonder who is the Ines de Ramon to whom this famous actor got married. To know all the details stick till the last in this blog you will go to know very exciting and secret facts about Ines de Ramon that are not in public yet.

Ines de Ramon’s Life Before Marriage

Ines de Ramon is a low-profile woman who doesn’t speak much about her personal life in public but after the marriage with the famous actor Paul Wesley, she came into the limelight. There is not much information available about her family in the public domain but still, we have gathered relevant information for our readers.

She was born on 19th December 1992 in the USA and is an American citizen of the Christian religion. She has done her high school in the United States of  America and she studied her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Geneva in the Business  Administration. Right now she is also a business development and account manager at  Anita Ko.but she has also done an internship in the jewelry department and also did a job at the retail department. She has chosen to follow her passion and today she is a well renowned certified fitness coach, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer.

Ines doesn’t come in public often and that is why there is no information available about her parents and siblings. What her parents do, what her siblings do, or how many siblings she had are all questions yet to disclose.

The life of Ines de Ramon has changed drastically after tying the knot with Paul Wesley. She has started to get lots of attention despite not wanting this. No one knows how the couple mate or what their love story is still a mystery for the world and fans of both.

Ines De Ramon Profile

Full Name Ines Olivia de Ramon
Nick NameInes
Date of Birth 19 December 1992
Birth Place USA
Nationality American
Education Bachelor’s in Business Administration
Profession Fitness Coach and Enthusiast
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity White Caucasian Descent
Height 5.8 Feet
Weight 58 kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Hobbies Traveling, Dancing

Ines De Ramon Net Worth

Ines de Ramon is not as famous as her husband Paul Wesley; it doesn’t mean that she had less net worth. You will go into shock after hearing that she earned a very handsome income and her net worth is 2 million dollars. No doubt that Paul Wesley has more net worth than his wife.

According to Celebrity’s net worth, Paul holds a net worth of nearly about 6 million dollars. Both husband-wife supports each other and have a great future ahead.

Some Interesting Facts about Ines de Ramon

  • Ines is Pauls’s second wife. Yes, you heard it right before Ines Pauls had two relationships and among two he also married to one for 2 years but unfortunately got separated. Torrey DeVitto was his first wife; he got married to her in 201 1 and separated in 2013.
  • Ines speaks and writes in more than five languages; she is a polyglot. She is fluent in Spanish, English, German, Italian, and French.
  • Ines is a certified fitness coach and social influencer. She had done her bachelor’s in business but followed her passion for fitness and you can see her passion for fitness through her fitness level. Her weight is around 58kg and height is 5.8 feet.
  • She loves Italian food too much and her most loved travel destination is Miami. Dancing and traveling are her hobbies which she loves to do.
  • Ines is a low-profile woman who doesn’t want much attention and also doesn’t want to discuss her life publically. That is why there is very little information available in the public domain about her family and past.
  • Paul Wesley doesn’t have any child from her previous wife and as of now with Ines, there are no such indications. But the couple is so secretive about their lives it is hard to get to know about the pregnancy.

Final Words

We all love the role of Paul Wisely in the Vampires Diaries and since then the actor has had huge success and fame. But in their personal life, he got his soulmate after one failed relationship and one unsuccessful marriage. Ines de Ramon is well known in her field of fitness but not known to the media she got attention when she started dating the actor Paul Wesley. She is a low-key person and doesn’t want to be in the limelight. That’s why she always prefers to keep her distance from the media. She is a well-established and equally successful woman who supports her husband’s career and simultaneously also makes growth in her field.

The couple is very lovely and caring for each other as we see the pictures of them on social media.  Their chemistry is outstanding together, looking so cute and made for each other. The ideal couple and giving a couple of goals for the fans. Those who want to see the pictures of this loving couple can go through the Instagram profiles where they keep updated pictures and stuff about lifelike traveling and chilling pictures. As both want to keep their life low key their fans are very excited to know more about their life, their relationship with each other, and their love life. In the future, we might expect that something interesting will get to know about this couple.


1. Who is Ines de Ramon?

Ans. Ines de Ramon is a famous health coach and fitness enthusiast who got married to the famous actor, Pual Wesley. She is the second wife of Paul Wesley.

2. When is Ines de Ramon’s birthday?

Ans. The birthday of the famous actor Pual Wesley is on 19th December. She was born in 1992 in the United States and is 29 years old.

3. Who was Paul Wesley married to?

Ans. Paul Wesley got married to the famous health coach, social media influencer, and fitness enthusiast Ines de Ramon. They got married in 2019.

4. Do Paul and Phoebe have a baby?

Ans. No, Paul and Phoebe don’t have a baby. Paul is now no longer with the phoebe he married to Ines de Ramon.

5. Is Paul Wesley still dating Phoebe Tonkin?

Ans. No, Paul Wesley is not dating Phoebe Tonkin. In 2019 he got married to the famous fitness coach from the USA Ines de Ramon.

6. What is Paul Wesley’s net worth?

Ans. Paul Wesley is a very famous and successful actor, director, and producer according to the celebrity net worth survey Paul Wesley’s net worth is around 6 million dollars.

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