Top 4 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Solar Shades


The temperature of the environment increases dramatically during hot summer days. Due to the hot and humid temperature, the temperature of the interior also increases. This is why people need to consider purchasing solar shades as they are one of the best window treatment options. Due to the increasing popularity of solar shades, customers are asking some crucial questions about the solar shades to determine their effectiveness. 

Many people don’t know how to block the sunlight without losing the exterior view. Are solar shades capable of insulating the windows of the house? What measures do you need to take to prevent the solar shades from blowing out? What does it mean by solar shade percentages? 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 most commonly asked questions about the solar shades that will help you know if the shades are perfect for your interior or not.  

Solar Shades Frequently Asked Questions

Can You See Through the Solar Shades?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about solar shades. Many people don’t know this, but solar shades can be see-through. However, the visibility through the solar shades is dependent on the openness percentage of the fabric. If you want to increase the see-through of the solar shades, you need to purchase solar shades of a smaller openness percentage. However, they aren’t effective at blocking the sun rays. 

You can also see through the custom sun shade at night. If you install light near the solar shade, people outside might be able to see you through the solar shade. This might affect your privacy. Therefore, if you want complete privacy, it’s recommended to choose blackout or light-filtering custom solar shades. 

Can They Keep Your Interior Cool?

Solar shades are one of the best ways to keep the interior of your house cool. This is regarded as the primary benefit of solar shades. Even though solar shades are extremely effective at blocking the excess sun rays, they won’t protect you from cold. They reduce the temperature of the house by blocking the sun rays coming through the window. This will undoubtedly make your house much more energy-efficient. The heat reduction will allow you to save money even during the hottest summer months. As per Eva Polar, you can open windows at night to keep the interior cool.

However, the primary material of the solar shades, woven fabric, cannot insulate against the cold. If you want something that protects you from both hot and cold, you need to choose cellular shades. 

Can Solar Shades Protect Your Furniture?

Solar shades will help you protect your interior furniture items from damages. The harmful UV rays can cause bleaching on the fabric as it breaks down the chemical bonding. The UV rays will also cause the textiles to break and become more brittle. This is why people need to use high-quality solar shades to protect their interior furniture items from fading. In other others, solar shades will work as the SPF of your furniture items. 

How Can You Stop Solar Shades from Gusting Around?

If you hung the solar shades over an open window, they might wave around if not held properly. However, you can fix this problem easily by installing durable hold-down brackets at the bottom portion of the window. These hold-down brackets are some type of smaller pieces of metal or plastic that latches or hooks into the bottom of the rail so that the solar shade can be installed properly. Many manufacturers include the brackets when you purchase solar shades, Make sure you check the specifications of the shade before placing your order. 


These are the top 4 most commonly asked questions about the solar shades. If you have more solar shade-related questions, comment below to let us know. If you want to purchase high-quality solar shades, contact us today.